Keeping tabs on branded influencer content

Keeping tabs on branded influencer content

REDPILL is keeping tabs on branded influencer content so you don’t have to with our Influencer Top 10 chart. We analyse what’s making it to the top for insight into the perfect influencer marketing campaign.

Analyze This!

The standout influencer marketing campaign at the moment is EA for Battlefield 1. The game has dominated the YouTube gaming channels for a couple months already, but has now expanded to more general influencer channels. One of those videos is currently on the  REDPILL Influencer Chart  – Bullets vs Propeller by The Slow Mo Guys.

The Slow Mo Guys are a smart choice by EA. Selection like this means that the product and the content fit naturally together – the video is something the influencers would do even without the sponsorship. But when paired with the brand, it deepens the audience’s connection to Battlefield 1 by giving them a better grasp of the game’s world. This is effective, entertaining influencer content with creative that nicely integrates the brand and the influencer’s identity.

Zoella’s new video for HP is another example of intelligent selection and simple, straightforward creative. It does feel like she genuinely likes the product, and from the comments, her audience does too. If the selection is right, the creative follows with influencer marketing.

Contrast this to much of the rest of the chart. A lot of influencer branded content operates on the shoutout model, or the ‘shoehorn’ model. A shoutout makes the product the most forgettable part of the video, but is the easiest way to work with influencers. Take a look at Dude Perfect’s Hasbro video for what this looks like – if you can remember the brand or product after a couple days I’ll be impressed.

The shoehorn model is exemplified by Smosh’s work for Playstation. Smosh are at the top of the YouTube game, and I’d expect them to handle product placement better than this. The mini-sketch showing off the Playstation is dismally unfunny compared to the rest, and treats it like the toy of a spoiled teenager. For a great way to integrate a product that showcases its usefulness with a joke that will lodge it in viewers minds, check out Good Mythical Morning’s video for Amazon. Fart-filtering underwear ftw!

Influencer Marketing in the News

Chart leaders Dude Perfect just lost the the world record for highest basketball free throw to Australian influencers How Ridiculous. This has been an ongoing battle since 2011 – how are the boys from DP going to react?

Head over to for a good read about some do’s and don’ts on working with influencers. The article does a good job of capturing the complexities and benefits of influencer campaigns.

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