What separates REDPILL from dozens of other influencer marketing agencies in the UK and rest of the world? 1) unrivalled choice of influencers. 2) unbiased, data-driven selection process. 3) in-house, end-to-end production. 4) certified distribution and measurement strategies.

We believe in creating unique content partnerships between brands and influencers, rather than commissioning shout-outs and vanity views.

We track and measure the audience statistics for all of our influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Whether you are looking for globe trotters, shopaholics, tech wizards, fitness bunnies, petrol heads or something entirely different, REDPILL make it easy.


A wise adman once said “Before you can have a share of market, you must have a share of mind.” To pull that off, you need audiences with an open mind - something that doesn’t happen when you interrupt their viewing experiences with an ad they don’t like.

We look at how, what and where your audience watch before advising on the best content strategy and delivery format. This helps insure a positive reception, which in turn drives engagement. Our adtech enhances this process. From our social measurement tools to our native brand player which makes commenting and sharing as easy as a click, our approach is geared to earn you media.


The most important element and the hardest to define. 

Our secret to incredible creative is knowing what your audience loves to engage with. Our social teams prowl the web analysing the strongest performing branded videos in every category, allowing our creatives to see what works and what doesn’t. We also involve our publishers and influencers during the creative process to ensure your content will relate to their audience.

Together, this approach guarantees significant earned media and delivery of all campaign objectives. If you’re looking for a fresh thinking video marketing agency, we’d love to hear from you.


Unlike most agencies that claim production, we started out as a production company. From pranking celebrities for Tango in the early days of YouTube, we’ve grown into a full-service production house and content marketing agency.

Whether you need a 30-second spot, an online series or a 360 video, our celebrated script writers, award winning directors and meticulous post technicians will ensure you have the perfect branded video asset.


REDPILL work with millions of social influencers and thousands of publishers all over the world.

Social Outreach

Handcrafted editorials and social posts from the most influential publishers on the planet.

Influencer Marketing

Pair your brand with the biggest YouTube influencers on the planet to drive views and shares of your content through their loyal fan base.

Native Mobile Video

Having influencers link to your video is one thing. Having them publish it natively in a mobile-first format is another thing entirely.

Organic Trending

Imagine a bunch of influencers getting together to pull a bank heist. Organised. It’s like that. Only you trend, without the criminal element.

Earned Media

Getting your content to trend is the best way to cut through and earn media. We do this through a combination of smart production strategies, VSEO optimisation and influencer partnerships.

Paid Media

Our certified practitioners are qualified to deliver PPC campaigns across YouTube, Facebook, Insta and Twitter. We can run campaigns on both brand channels and influencer channels.  

We’ll craft a bespoke media plan that’s trackable and delivers a measurable ROI.


We know it all comes down to the bottom line so we track every detail of your campaign. Results can be reviewed in real-time through our custom dashboards, allowing you to stay up to date and for us to make quickfire adjustments to optimise your campaign.

All data can be impartially audited by third party trackers for complete transparency.  We also have the ability to track the viewer’s journey to point-of-purchase, allowing us to directly measure the impact of the campaign on sales.